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    In the uk it’s not unusual to have your boiler
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    In the uk, it’s not unusual to have your boiler located in the kitchen and we have a variety of small boilers that could even fit in your kitchen cupboard we have information on what you should consider before having a boiler installed in your kitchen and discuss the issues you might face from having your boiler located in the heart of your home. Under the.

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    We support our business members with benefits to save you
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    Even regular programmable controls can make a big difference to the amount of energy you can save. Only a gas safe registered engineer can diagnose your broken boiler, but we’ve put together some of the most commonly reported faults which can cause your heating system to fail. These two examples are, of course, just estimates – but they give you an idea of why prices can vary so much the sensible way to make sure you don’t get stung is to get multiple quotes, and ensure that what you are.